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Dark skybox in reflections

  • I'm having a weird issue where my skybox goes brown/black in all reflections (most noticable on wet ground). I have tried different ENBs, tweaking settings, removing reshade, turning off all MSAA, SMAA, and FXAA, and the bug is still there. If anyone knows the cause, or have any fix, it'd be much appriciated :smile:
    My guess is that some file has been corrupted, or placed wrong, as the ENB or Reshade doesnt seem to be the cause.

    Here's an example:
    alt text

  • @Polarbeards Remove the ENBs and see if that fixes the issue. I personally think they are total garbage but that's just me. If you think a file is corrupt, do a verify integrity and/or replace files from your mods folder with the originals from your games folder.

  • Solved it!
    I had messed up something in my settings.xml file, and the solution was to simply delete it, run the game, and the weird reflections were fixed.
    Settings.xml can be found in documents/Rockstar Games/GTAV

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