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how to save scripts data on xml file like in persistence mod

  • ive seen it in some other mods that you can save data or the scripts data in xml file
    like in persistence mod..

    but i dont know how to do it..can someone help me with the codes

  • @hideo What exactly are you trying to do? The equivalent of a game save? Which scripts?

  • a similar concept in saving vehicle and loading them after you restart the game..like persistence vehicle mod... that you can load automatically anything in gta v that you save or create?..if that is possible..ive seen it in other mods like in zombie mod by sollahola and persistence vehicle mod..hope you can help?

  • @hideo Im still not sure what you want to do. With Menyoo you can save vehicles, outfits, and maps as xml files. But you know that already, no? Or is it just that you want it done automatically? And im assuming you dont want to write a script to do this yourself.

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