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[REQ/IDEA FOR MOD] Bad guy vs superhero

  • (I’m new to this community so I’m sorry if this topic isn’t in the right place)

    In this mod idea/request you, the player, would act as a bank robber, or just generalize criminal committing. Custom missions maybe. You get to plan out heists and devise ways to take out specific hero’s that might interfere. For example. If Superman comes you have to be prepared with kyrptonite bullets, if the flash comes, you set a trap that traps speedsters. Or even if Batman comes then you just bring hostages. I know this idea might seem far fetched but you should make this stuff earnable by doing more and more successful missions. The weaker items you have to stop a meta human (the terminology for a human with super human abilities), the higher chance it will fail which means the hero stops you and you have to devise a better plan. This idea is very extreme and I’m not personally going to hire anyone for it but it’s an idea to be put out there. Myself, I am a 3D modeler and can work with creating anything except NPCs (I choose not to). Maybe if a programmer wants to do this idea, or somebody wants me to help them sort and plan out this mod then I am more than capable. Just reach out!


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