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GTA launch & dlclist.xml bug

  • Good afternoon, forum users. I faced the problem of starting gta. When adding a certain mod (I don't know why), the game stops starting. In the task manager, the RAM indicator does not exceed either 82MB or 75MB. Also, after installing a specific mod via OpenIV, dlclist.xml is completely cleared. If you know the solution to this problem, be so kind and tell us.

  • @TKT So uninstall that mod and avoid it. I don't see how it can clear dlclist.xml since that file is in an encrypted package only editable with OpenIV.

  • Well look. I tried without some mods 8 or 9 times (I will not say for sure). But all this was not crowned with success. I know because of which mod specifically clears dlclist, but why, in the end, GTA does not start, I have no idea. That is, even when the dlc list is normal. @JohnFromGWN

  • @TKT if by clearing the dlclist you mean the mod is erasing the entries in the file either it is an oiv installer that does whatever it wants or it is a malicious app that should be reported immediately or both. Scary stuff but more likely you are editing the game file and then viewing the mods file?

    Rename your dinput8.dll file to whatever you want or move it out temporarily of your gta5 folder and post if you're game started at all. If it doesn't maybe you do have a malicious app that has already deleted game files, because no app will load without dinput8.dll. and ofc do a verify integrity of your game.

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