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how to remove vehicle bumpers ?

  • I would like to know how I remove the bumpers of vehicles of interest to me from the open 4 or some existing .meta.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Check the vehicles yft file. If you can remove it in the openiv viewing window then you can add a carcols entry to have it as a tuning option. Look at other carcols.meta files to see how they work, you will want an entry like the following:

    <modShopLabel>Remove Front Bumper</modShopLabel>
    <linkedModels />
    <audioApply value="1.000000" />
    <weight value="0" />
    <turnOffExtra value="false" />
    <disableBonnetCamera value="false" />
    <allowBonnetSlide value="true" />

    Assuming that the vehicle correctly uses the bumper_f bone then that addition within the <visiblemods> segment will add front bumper removal as a tuning option.

  • @ItsJustCurtis in a car add-on that I wish didn't have the carcol.meta folder, would that be impossible? and that of the folder, is it a standard for any car?
    if you know how to do it, can i call you in discord and you do it for me? I pay.

  • Then its simply a case of creating a carcols.meta and creating a modkit for it in the carvariations.meta. Again, look at other vehicles meta files for an idea on how it is done. If you link the mod in question then I can tell you if its even possible

  • @ItsJustCurtis https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/karin-sultan-drift-missil-addon
    i wanted for these two mods,
    but I don't understand any of this hahah, if someone can do it for me I'll pay, my discord is zinn#6463

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