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How to add more than 1000 addon cars in gameconfig

  • Is there a way to add more than 1000 addon vehicle to the game and not have the game crash because of the gameconfig
    and which number in the gameconfig actually is responsible for this limitation and what's the largest value I can add
    Please Help

  • @Venom141 If you're going to spawn a 1000 at the same time, then good luck.

    The upper limit will be based on many factors: your PC's specs (a 64 core threadripper with 128GB Ram?), the quality of the models including polygon count, other mods installed such as mega maps, MLOs, and ENBs, your in game visual settings, and the configuration of your gameconfig.xml.

    Do you really need 1000 addons? The game wasn't designed for addons and certainly not that quantity.

    P.S. If you are really patient and enjoy copying and pasting you can combine vehicles into the same dlc.rpf for increased stability. Or you can simply group addons in subfolders and change the folder name when you don't want them to load, change back when you do want them. This won't required any changes to dlclist.xml.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the replay
    I only wanted to know which value in the gameconfig that controls the amount of allowed addon vehicles
    and yes what is the upper limit for my PC would be ( PC Specs at the end of the replay )
    and for now
    I've managed a total of 933 addon vehicles for now and need them all in a single launch for mission series I create using map editor
    there were 2 DLC vehicle packs a total of 8 vehicles that conflicted with other more important DLC packs ( form me ) I had to let them go
    so I'm stable for the moment but I would really like to put all the DLCs in one DLC
    and yes all DLCs in my mods folder are addon vehicles
    can you refer me to a tutorial about putting all the DLCs in one and what factors should I have to take into consideration

    PC Specs
    GTX 1650 4GB
    RAM 16GB
    Hard Drive 1TB SSD
    Processor I7 9th gen.
    and I don't know if this helps but I'm using a Lenovo L340 Gamming Laptop

  • @Venom141 i don't do it often, more for creating addon vehicles from replace, and i do it manually, this way i learn rather than using someone's script or mod.

    If you search the mods section im sure u can find something, like this maybe?


    P.s. you can often resolve mod conflicts by renaming the folders or the game model names.

    I had started to create video tutorials on converting replace to addons, which is similar to combining dlc.rpfs but stopped due to lack of interest here. Most posts are for help.


  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you very much for the help and will definitely check the links out

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