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OPENIV says it cant find GTAIV.exe

  • Im having issues with openiv it says that it cant find GTAIV.exe in my game folder but when i look at my backup it also doesnt contain that file so im a little stumped. I personally havent used it much so i have no mods in it just i want to try going online and need to turn off those sliders (cant remember the correct names), Would i be fine to just delete openiv?

  • @CrooKzDr i dont see how openiv will prevent you from playing gta4 or gta5, in SP or online. I never modded 4 so no idea how it's stopping you. If you delete it, you lose your ability to mod GTA5.

  • This is for GTA V mods. Have you tried asking on GTAForums.com? See if they can help you.

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