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Spawning Turismo Issue in Simple Trainer | Teleport to Waypoint Keybind in Menyoo

  • UPDATE: Currently, there's no keybind solution to Menyoo so I'm using Simple Trainer instead and I solved its keybind issue(spawning turismo when pressing LALT+O etc).

    SOLUTION : To solve the keybind issue (spawning turismo) of Simple Trainer, go to trainerv.ini under [KeyBindings], look for Spawn1Key1 and Spawn1Key2. Notice that there are 2 keys for each spawn (the first vehicle will spawn by pressing LALT+A). However, there are only 12 sets of keybinds by default. Therefore, I assume that there should be 26 sets of keybinds corresponding to each letter of the alphabets(A-Z) and added the "SpawnXKeyN" as shown below:

    NOTE: This is only based on my assumption and might not be the actual solution, but at least the turismo is NOT spawning anymore, yay! ;3

    Spawn1Key1=0		// Spawn 1 Default LALT
    Spawn1Key2=0		// Spawn 1 Default A
    Spawn2Key1=0		// Spawn 2 Default LALT
    Spawn2Key2=0		// Spawn 2 Default B
    Spawn3Key1=0		// Spawn 3 Default LALT
    Spawn3Key2=0		// Spawn 3 Default C
    Spawn4Key1=0		// Spawn 4 Default LALT
    Spawn4Key2=0		// Spawn 4 Default D
    Spawn5Key1=0		// Spawn 5 Default LALT
    Spawn5Key2=0		// Spawn 5 Default E
    Spawn6Key1=0		// Spawn 6 Default LALT
    Spawn6Key2=0		// Spawn 6 Default F
    Spawn7Key1=0		// Spawn 7 Default LALT
    Spawn7Key2=0		// Spawn 7 Default G
    Spawn8Key1=0		// Spawn 8 Default LALT
    Spawn8Key2=0		// Spawn 8 Default M
    Spawn9Key1=0		// Spawn 9 Default LALT
    Spawn9Key2=0		// Spawn 9 Default N
    Spawn10Key1=0		// Spawn 10 Default LALT
    Spawn10Key2=0		// Spawn 10 Default T
    Spawn11Key1=0		// Spawn 11 Default LALT
    Spawn11Key2=0		// Spawn 11 Default U
    Spawn12Key1=0		// Spawn 12 Default LALT
    Spawn12Key2=0		// Spawn 12 Default X
    Spawn13Key1=0	        // NEW
    Spawn13Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn14Key1=0           // NEW
    Spawn14Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn15Key1=0	        // NEW
    Spawn15Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn16Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn16Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn17Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn17Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn18Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn18Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn19Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn19Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn20Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn20Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn21Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn21Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn22Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn22Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn23Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn23Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn24Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn24Key2=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn25Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn25Key2=0	        // NEW
    Spawn26Key1=0	        // NEW	
    Spawn26Key2=0	        // NEW

    ORIGINAL: I'm unable to find the keybind option for Teleport to Waypoint in menyooConfig.ini. Is it possible to add a keybind for Teleport to Waypoint so that I do not have to press F8>Teleport>Waypoint every single time? Thanks in advance! ;3

  • install simple trainer alongside it, has the keybind by default as Del

  • UPDATE: I solved this keybind issue for SimpleTrainer. Yay! ;3

    ORIGINAL: @ItsJustCurtis I do have SimpleTrainer but the problem with its keybind is that I can't remove the keybind of spawning the turismor vehicle eg. when I press LAlt + O. Even after i set all keybinds to 0 (None) except the Teleport to Waypoint remains as 46 (Del) in the trainerv.ini, the LAlt + O is still spawning. The only way to disable this keybind is in the 2nd page of the option menu (in game), but this will disable ALL keybinds, including the Teleport to Waypoint (Del). :(

  • @ipikachu when u solve an issue, you might want to share the solution in case someone else has the same issue

  • @JohnFromGWN ops, alright! ;3

  • @ipikachu ....and :)

  • @JohnFromGWN updated, sorry ;3

  • @ipikachu thanks and good work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN Hope it helps! ^^

  • @ipikachu thanks bro, that's why i set the 12 hotkeys to 0 and didn't work, there are 26 hotkeys.

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