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3ds max Gta5 Import Missing Texture

  • Hello, I have a problem I can't find missing texture on openIV.
    there's any possible to fix this?


  • @Vergel
    Download Codewalker (free) from it's Discord & use a Binary Search (CW > 'Tools...' > 'Binary search...') to find the textures by name.
    You can filter the search to just find files with that name in '.ytd's only (ie exclude other file types ('.ydr', '.ydd' etc)to speed things up a bit.
    Stick them in a folder & then select that folder when 3DS MAX prompts you when you import the model. You will likely find different sizes of textures with the same names (HD & LOD/SLOD versions etc), grab the right size for the detail you want to see in 3DS MAX.

    Generally tho, the textures not embedded in the model, ie the ones you are missing, are only so you can see what it looks like in 3DS MAX. Unless you embed them, they won't be exported with the model & even if you export the model having never loaded them into 3DS MAX, the model will still work perfectly in-game & find the textures it needs from other game files (other '.ytd's etc). :thumbsup:

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