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Mod that you download Is opened in online?

  • Greetings Ladys & Gentleman,
    I was wondering if a mod that you download from this website is just opened in offline, because i'm honestly scared if its will accidently open when i play gta online.Is that possible that the mod were still active in online mode. And is there another way to unactive the mod instead of deleted it. Thanks for the help for all of you guys.


    The default asi loader that comes with ScriptHookV or OpenIV should block access to GTA:O, so you can't accidentally hop onto GTA:O.

  • ty for the answer.

  • @Mnoqq what ikt said.
    If you want absolute certainty it can't happen, just rename dinput8.dll temporarily, that's the loader that you install with scripthook and is also offered with OpenIV. When that file is missing, including being renamed, your game runs without any mods, which is also great for troubleshooting.

    If you are using Menyoo and you select Player at the very top of the menu, you will get an alert saying you are trying to go online. So once more you are safe. In fact you can't even start an online game with mods, so no need to worry about a mod loading during play.

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