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issue with loading up more mods

  • So here is my problem i hope someone can help me.
    i start modding before 3 weeks i look videos read a lot aabout it and then i istall this 3 mods right before i startet to add mods (addon cars and scripts) everything was working perfeckt until today .
    Ihave instaled around 20 addon cars and 10-15 scripts and couple of visioals like i said working good.
    Today i decited to install some more addon cars and i got that loading problem ... so i deleted the addon car and my game is working .So i told the mod was buggy so i downloaded some diferent ones but sadly all of them did not work ... so im thinking is there some kind of a limit of adding mods?

  • I dont think there is a limit of addons. When game crashes? On loading before choose online\sp? When spawning?

  • @Alinor
    Yeah, there's an arbitrary dlc limit, somewhat different for everyone.
    I think mine is ~120 (total, inc vanilla) dlc's or something.
    Try out a few different custom gameconfig's for your version of the game (v1.0.2372 etc) & see which ones allow you to increase your dlc limit.
    I use this one, probably start there.

    Probably also install one of the HeapAdjusters & the Packfile Limit Adjuster too (they are required for F7YO's gameconfig anyway, along with his Packfile and Heap Ajuster INI Files (In 'All Versions' section on left of download page)) :thumbsup:

  • @Alinor
    Those links don't work, but can see one of the HeapAdjuster's & Packfile Limit Adjuster, just don't know what the last one is?

    I see the 3rd link is F7YO's gameconfig. In which case try some other different gameconfig's & see if any increase the dlc limit, no two are exactly the same.
    If you can't increase the dlc limit any further, you'll have to look into doing something like combining your add-on car dlc's into big multi-car add-on packs & lower your number of dlc's that way :thumbsup:

  • @Alinor
    I edited previous post :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th the last one is Gameconfig (1.0.2372) for Limitless Vehicles . One think i forgot to say is at some point my game was crashing after hour of playing and i change it to this one https://github.com/pnwparksfan/gameconfig/releases (i hope now this link is working dont know whazt was wrong with these 3 links. Yes and after that i playedwith no problems .
    Today tho steam update gta 5 it was small update like 150mb but now the corrent version of the game is 1.0.2372.2 and then i installed one addon car and the game closes after i choose story mode before spawning.

  • @a63nt-5m1th wow like i say im still very new in the materie of modding. Is it there some helping Guade or a video of how is done this combining into multi car addon?
    im really sorry about my english...

  • @Alinor
    If you remove any one of your dlc's (test a few different ones) & the game starts working correctly, that would most likely be a dlc limit. Worth testing & confirming that, before moving any further :thumbsup:

    For a combined add-on pack tutorial, there aren't any great ones. Easiest way is just to use a prebuilt empty add-on car pack & have a go at adding some of your single add-on dlc's to it, until you get more used to GTA V modding in general. :thumbsup:

    The dlc in that link above is almost empty, I left my 'carcols.meta', 'carvariations.meta', 'handling.meta' & 'vehicles.meta' files in there so you can see how the sections for each vehicle are arranged & easily replace them with data from within your various add-on '.meta' files.


    First off, grab yourself a text editor with better functionality than offered by Notepad.
    Notepad++ for example. It offers more functionality than even OpenIV's inbuilt text editing capability (although, both have their advantages).
    For starting out, Notepad++ has a handy feature that shows you visually (using a red vertical line on the left of the screen & highlighting the start & end points in purple), where a block/section of data starts & where it ends.
    Simply click on a line, & it will show you where it starts & ends. Very useful when starting out & copying blocks/sections of data :thumbsup:

    np++ example

    'addoncars' DLC:

    • Install the 'addoncars' 'dlc.rpf' here:


    & add:


    to 'dlclist.xml' to use it.

    • You place your add-on cars '.yft' & '.ytd' files in the 'vehicles.rpf' archive here:


    • You place your (loose) add-on cars '.yft' upgrades/modkit files in the 'vehiclemods.rpf' archive here:


    So, don't put the 'vehicle-name-here_mods.rpf' files in there, but instead, place the upgrade/modkit loose '.yft' files ('500gtr_bumf13.yft' etc for example) from within them into 'vehiclemods.rpf' instead.



    Basically, all the different upgrades for all the add-on cars you wish to add to the dlc go in the same 'vehiclemods.rpf' archive instead of in different 'vehicle-name-here_mods.rpf' files. :thumbsup:

    If the vehicle has no upgrades, just skip that part about 'vehiclemods.rpf'.

    • You then open up your add-on dlc '.meta' files & one by one copy the correct data (ie not all of it, or the entire file, just the sections from within the file that relate directly to that car) & paste it over the same section in my '.meta' files in the 'addoncars' dlc.
      Search for the car name to get started & find the sections that relate to it :thumbsup:

    • Do that for one of your add-on vehicles to start with, then disable it's original dlc & see if the vehicle loads correctly from it's new home in the 'addoncars' dlc. Once that is confirmed working, add a second car & so on.

    • Initially, probably avoid adding more than one add-on vehicle with a 'vehiclelayouts.meta' file (see 'Note:' below), as it can be tricky to copy all the correct data over into the correct location within the combined file once you try to add more than one car's data.

    • Although not included, the 'addoncars' dlc is setup to handle a 'vehiclelayouts.meta' file, if you place it in:


    it will work. :thumbsup:


    • As long as you're just adding one & only one car with a 'vehiclelayouts.meta' file you can safely just copy the entire file from your add-on dlc to the 'vehiclelayouts.meta' location above. If you add a second vehiclelayouts car, you'll need to copy it's data over into that 'vehiclelayouts.meta' file correctly section by section, which as mentioned, can sometimes be tricky.

    That's the basics anyway. Have a look at the 'addoncars' dlc, especially the '.meta' files & see if you can get an understanding of how vehicle's are combined into one pack.
    If you're confident enough, have a go at adding one of your add-on car's & it's data to the dlc & see if it loads up in-game correctly.

    The only archive/dlc you will be editing will be the 'addoncars' 'dlc.rpf', so backup your entire 'update.rpf' before attempting any of this, & you'll be safe to return to your previous game state with a few clicks of a button.
    Make multiple backups of the 'addoncars' 'dlc.rpf' at each stage of your work & it'll save you having to completely start from scratch should something go wrong etc

    Any questions/issues, give us a shout here in this thread :thumbsup:

  • @Alinor Here is a decent guide.

    @a63nt-5m1th has provided you with an excellent guide which is easier and quicker to follow than a video, but now you have both options. Many experienced users do exactly that - combine all their addons into one addon pack.

    I don't use this method myself because I would shoot myself in the head after the first 3 or 4 copy and pastes - so imagine doing several hundred.

    With respect to limits, my experience is that it is related to a few factors, and quantity is the least important.

    1. Your computer's specs and how you've configured visual/display settings - i.e. MSAA etc, the higher the settings, the more likely a crash
    2. The quality of the mods - some are total garbage
    3. The polygon count. High polygon counts means beautiful models, greater likelihood of crash.
    4. Scripts and Missions. These are often outdated and may conflict with other scripts, resulting in crashes.

    For my own system. I have a midrange system (Ryzen 9 3900X) and I have close to 200 addon cars and approximately 200 addon peds. I also have a few replaces and some huge map addons (racetrack, RCA, forests). I don't use any ENB like NVE because I think, and this is just me, they are crap and unnecessary.

    My game is very stable. My graphic settings are maxed out.

  • @a63nt-5m1th You should post this in the tutorials section. Great work. One day I will start to consolidate but I don't have the patience right now.

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