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Can't install/run ENBseries 0.456

  • Hi guys, I don't know how to search for something here (no search bar.. ?) so I'm just gonna post a new topic.

    I was trying to install ENBseries, so I just copied the files into my GTA directory. But I can't open the menu with shift+enter or any other combination (I tried to modify that in the file), but I suspect it is not well installed since I don't get any message on my loading screen saying the mod is loaded or anything.

    Can someone tell me what's the problem ? is it not compatible with the Tuners update ?
    Thanks for your answers !

  • HI to help with the search bar/icon zoom out a bit i had the same problem with mine and that helped. to the next question i do not have the answer unfortunitly . i hope i helped solving one problem.

  • Well, not really ahah I still can't see it but thanks anyway ^^

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