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All UI and menus of mods look wrong and I can't open INTERACTION MENU (M). HELP?

  • I was installing mods and realized at one point that all menus from mods look wrong (Menyoo, Addon car Spawner, ManualTransmission menus and some i dont remember look bad, the only one who remained the same is Simple trainer, idk why).

    So ill explain, but if you need screenshots just ask, but is very simple, for example, menyoo has a almost white background making it difficult to read the white letters; Addon car spawner has no background; and Manual transmission menu has no background and all the text from the second column is missing, so for example there is text on the left and where on the right should be a checkmark, there is nothing...

    Also, yeah, i cant open the interaction menu (M) yes the original from the game, makes the sound when i press M but wont show up.

    I though it may have to be whit native ui or scripthook, scripthookvdotnet, etc... because today i had a minor update on steam, so maybe it needed to be updated, but already tried all that and nothing.

  • @Darkosarg When troubleshooting you absolutely want to do things systematically. This is what I suggest.
    First find the file called dinput8.dll and rename it. This will keep all mods from loading. Now start your game and see if the interaction menu works. If it does, you know it's a mod. If it doesn't could be a driver issue or a corrupt file - update drivers, but first do a verify integrity.

    Second, once game runs with M key working. Rename dinput8.dll so mods will load but delete all your mod scripts and missions and trainers and spawners etc. except those required for Menyoo. Does Menyoo run? If not post here. (You can keep OpenIV and of course don't delete any addon cars, peds, maps, etc.)

    From memory, I think Menyoo only requires SH (which includes dinput8.dll). Don't install the Native Trainer because you really don't need 3 trainers.

    Oh, one more thing, use the updated version of Menyoo which was just released.


  • @JohnFromGWN Hey first of all thanks for the answer.

    As of what you recomended me, i already tried a few things, but will try the ones i didnt and ill tell you how it whent. i not only tried the game whitout mods, but already realized that the problem is not in a script or something, or so it seems, because by only removing the folder "mods" from my game makes all menus work: M: menyoo, addon car spawner, etc. So the problem is in the mods folder.

    Now, i dont remember but i think I already have menyoo updated, but will update again just in case, and also I will try updating drivers, and see if i can figure out what is the problem in mods folder.

    Let me tell you what mods i have, maybe you realice what is going on... I made a clean wipe of the mods folder and installed this mods in this order:

    -200 Car replacement pack from "Gameplay Review"

    -Natural Vision Remastered
    -PRSA Enb

    And then i just installed

    -Realistic Guns Sounds

    and some addon cars (10-15), and a few weapons, which i installed in the EMF folder that realiced the car pack made by itself (it has an oiv installer)

    Thats all. I dont remember anything else that whent in mods folder, didnt even edit any file, just dlclist.xml because i made that clean install and addon cars dont need any editing.

    Il try and tell you what happens, thanks.

  • Nope, updated Menyoo and Drivers and nothing... Ill see if I can find which mod is giving problems by removing one by one from mods folder... Gess i have no option... (Let me add, I already have the gameconfig, heapadjuster, and all requirements for everything)

  • @Darkosarg Almost certain it is one of your visual mods, and you have 3 of them. Nothing you described points to a texture issue other than your ENB/visual mods. Remove them one by one and hopefully you'll find the culprit - and very possible they are conflicting with each other.

  • @JohnFromGWN I suspect the same, but actually whit themselves they should not conflict, NVR in its instruction actually says you need visualV first, and enb almost goes whit anything, and i saw tutorials which used this 3 together. Weird.

  • @Darkosarg let us know please

  • @JohnFromGWN Ok it is not something from dlcpacks... or it seems, i totally emptied it and still the same...

    that already shrinks down where to search, but also makes me confused, idk what it can be, as i sayed, i didnt change anything more than dlclist, and all the oiv or packs that may have change something where installed first, and the game was running well at that time, i didnt have the problems i now have.

    I dont remember having changed any handling.meta, or any xml or something like that... could it be -Realistic Guns Sounds? its also an oiv, but if i recall well, i had the problem before installing it.

  • Well here i am reporting what i hope is the ending of this friking long modding journey and now i can enjoy (everytime i end up doing the same whit games that can be modded, mod really hard that by the time i ended i dont feel like playing the game anymore haha) anyway to the point...

    Im just going to say i ended up fixing it by REreinstalling all mods, like i did, but more carefully, and somehow now its working (the only difference, is that i suspected the problem was whit one of the OPTIONALS of NVR, so i didnt install them) and now it looks to be working all right.

    So i leave this here in case that it helps someone anytime whit the same problem. Before REreinstalling, i went as far as to shrinking down that the problem was in this path "mods\update\update.rpf\x64\textures" and i have reasons to believe the archive making all the mess was actually graphics.ytd, not just because of the name, but because it was making the game crash when i replaced it whit the original "graphics.ytd" for testing, while the other files in the folder didnt seem to change anything.

    So I ended up knowing that one file was causing me problems but whitout any other to replace it or edit it. So as i sayed, just rereinstalled everything in the same order trying the game at every step to see it doesnt crash or something and it looks good now.

    Now i want to add the optionals from nvr, to confirm they where the ones "editing" this file and making all the mess, but i dont want to have to install everything again, so idk if i will. But if i do ill leave the info here.

    Thanks for all the help John. And hope that if someone in the future has this problem this post can save him some time, because i searched a lot and couldn't find anything.

  • @Darkosarg I'm glad you were able to fix it and thanks for posting your solution for others.

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