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Ultimate Green Screen Mod

  • Hello,

    I've got following problem with the mod. When I use Menyoo or Map Editor to put in NPCs outside of the Green Screen box they react to my interaction or the things I do (they run away when I shoot for example). As soon as I'm inside the box they just stand around and do nothing when I do the same things as outside the box. I activated everything (set them on to Dynamic and as neutral persons) but still nothing happens. I can make them do other things that doesn't require walking around,but I just can't bring em to move.

    Is it not possible inside this box or did I forgot anything when I installed the mod or can I install something else that solves this problem?

  • @generic_user You would need to specify which Green Screen Mod for someone to help you. Check out the comments on the mod page and see if other users have the same problem and/or fixes.

  • Like the title says its called "Ultimate Green Screen Mod" . I checked the comments,nothing similar to find

  • @generic_user Sorry I missed that. I can tell you if I spawn from Menyoo vs C# the behaviour can be very different. With Menyoo the spawned peds inherit the player settings, for example being invincible. So check your Menyoo settings for the player such as Ignored etc.

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