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Is there a way to load Cayo Perico without Mod?

  • I can get to North Yankton with Menyoo without installing any other mods, is there a way to do this with Cayo Perico - without installing Simple Trainer or any map addons?

  • I dont know man try to search for a mod since its only for online mode

  • @helpmeigoterror I'm hoping to do it without a mod. I can load it with Simple Trainer, but I use Menyoo and don't want two trainers.

    alt text

    alt text

  • @WGotch07 thanks but im trying to do it without adding another mod. I don't use any mod scripts
    except Menyoo and Lemonui for my own menus. I would love to get the source allowing mp maps to be loaded in SP. Menyoo does this for North Yankton etc but not cayo.

  • Why are you trying to avoid script mods? Cayo is inaccessible without mods in SP as it is not an SP map. NY can be accessed as that is used in the SP game. You either need to install Simple trainer or one of the many other Cayo enabling script mods.

  • There actually is a Cayo Perico Addon mod that comes with Liberty City check it out.


  • @ItsJustCurtis if you look at the screenshots above that's my game in both North Yankton and Cayo Perico. The former loaded through Menyoo which can load both SP and online maps, so this could have been done with Menyoo but it's no longer fully maintained, just minor updates.

    The latter was loaded with simple trainer which i installed just fot that purpose but i dont need 2 trainers and for me, Menyoo wins that competition hands down. The reason i mentioned NY is that it still needs a trainer and even then there are other unnecessary mods to get you there.

    Now the fun part, neither Menyoo nor Simple Trainer create ymaps for these online locations, they use scripts. For example Menyoo has an Online submenu for garages etc. Simple Trainer clearly messages it is loading online assets. So trainers can do this and yes they are mods, but they are essential mods unlike the others which do one thing, often conflicting with other mods and frequently breaking after game updates or no longer being maintained. Good reasons not to install them particularly when you finally configure your game to be stable.

    The same goes for non map mods, the ones that use scripts, i don't want to install these, i just would like to know how they are doing this. The source code would be great but im not a programmer so not sure it would help particularly if its c++.

    So in summary i dont like mods other than my trainer and my entities, and i would love to just have the code or mechanism to load online assets the same way those 2 trainers do.

  • @Zuraxo without mods

  • @JohnFromGWN oh mb misread that thought only without scripts


  • @Zuraxo nw

  • Well the source code for menyoo is freely available from Github, if you want to look at it yourself. I run both SNT and Menyoo in parallel and have done since I bought the game, I've never had an issue between them.

  • @ItsJustCurtis Thanks. I do have the source code for Menyoo and SH and SHVDN but i would rather have the source for Simple Trainer. TBH i probably don't have the programming knowledge to understand it let alone implement it for myself. So what im going to do is rename Simple Trainer so it doesn't load and rename it if i want to sandbox or free roam Perico.

    That's what's great about this modding environment, its so simple to manually, or through a batch file, keep mods from loading just by renaming them. No installers, no crap in the registry (except for OpenIV). And you don't need to edit dlclist.xml because it just ignores missing addons.

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