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can someone help me make a script mod

  • Hey everyone! I want to ask, what programming language is good for making a scripts mod? (I want to make a race mod) And what is the best software to make scripts? and if there is any other information that can help please add it
    Thanks in advance 😄

    note: I've never made a script mod at all, but I want to make one, and I really need your suggestion

  • Your best bet is to google GTA5 scripting tutorials. With respect to programming language the first generation of scripts, well before my time, were in C++. However today the scripts are almost exclusively C# dotnet.

    With respect to tools you need a text editor, that's the minimum requirement. Generally speaking you will compile your script so get a free compiler, actually an ide, like Visual Studio 2019. VS has intellisense and syntax checking but will not prevent errors in logic for example.

    Most mods scripts are compiled dll or asi files. You will need scripthookdotnet and if you want to create menus, NativeUI although no longer maintained or preferably LemonUI.

    Because this is an old game you will not find much if any support and the mod creators rarely post here or provide help. In other words you are largely on your own with poor documentation and whatever examples and snippets available spread out all over youtube, forums, github, etc.

  • I am very grateful for the information you have provided
    I will start to learn C# dotnet and try to make my first script

  • @JohnFromGWN thx again bro

  • @Rizzx you can join my discord server or message me in private on discord: ShadoFax#3172

  • @OneMinuteYT thank you for letting me join, I already joined your discord and i want ask about making mod, but where should I chat? in modding-help or in creating-mods-help?

  • @Rizzx reating-mods-help

  • @OneMinuteYT alright

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