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MP Freemode/Ambient Ped Characters Inventory.

  • Does anyone know a mod or can create a mod that can have other Ped Models besides Main Characters have a bank account, properties/safehouses, etc..? Would be really helpful for machinima. I know you can use the CharacterSwap mod, but it doesn't let you record without Rockstar Editor trying to make one of the Player Peds save in video clips. List any ideas, tools, mods or advice you may have below.

    Thanks GTA5 Community.

  • @HumbleGamerTone Do you really need to record everything with the R* editor or can you do some of your scenes with OBS for example?

  • Well Rockstar Editor is the only way to create a cinema feel with changeable camera angles, unless you know of a different program I can use.?

  • @HumbleGamerTone You can script the camera - more work than the R* editor - but the idea is not to replace R* editor, just to be able to record some scenes where you can't use you swap mod.

    An excellent screen capture program is OBS Studio (completely free).

    An excellent free editor - hundreds of times more powerful than R* editor but ofc you can't move the camera in post processing.

    BTW, R* editor for me has been very frustrating. Particularly when it puts 2 heads on a model, forcing you to exit and start again because of this bug.

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