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buffalo2 replacer... mods

  • I replaced the buffalo2 with another mod. That part is working fine. However, I also replaced the buffalo2_mods with the mods for the replacer car. Once in game, if I go to the shop or use menyoo to modify the car, all of the parts are off to the side of the car. i.e. the front scoop is of to the right and the rear diffuser is off to the right of the car. (pics)

    Whenever I spawn the car directly, I can mod it and change everything. It looks as it should. It only doesn't work on the car (buffalo2) that I replaced.

    ![buffalo2_1]([https://imgur.com/uAdyVnr](link url))
    ![buffalo2_2](https://imgur.com/SRJOuyk[link text](link url))
    ![spawned_1](https://imgur.com/wMaUCW3[link text](link url))
    ![spawned_2](https://imgur.com/0KuDx8z[link text](link url))

    How do i fix this?

  • Its still spawning the buffalo's tuning parts, and not your Mustang mod. Make sure you've installed the parts to the correct directory, make sure there isn't a patchday folder that is replacing them

  • Thank you for the reply, I found a file that I forgot to change.
    However, now it does not load the modded parts at all. I will try again from scratch and see if it resolves.

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