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can anyone tell me if a mod has the original file STREAMED_VEHICLES_GRANULAR.rpf

  • I accidentally put the file in the wrong spot and forgot to make a copy of the file and I haven't been able to find a mod that has it and yes I know I can just verify the games files and it will just put all the stuff back into its original state but I don't want to do it that way I have done a lot of stuff and don't want to do it again

  • @damien08 Hi.

    1. If you're working with files directly in your games folder, then at the next GTA5 update all the modifications and customisations you did in your games folder will be overwritten anyway, so why the issue with doing a verify integrity? You will lose all your changes at the next update unless you disconnect the internet each time you play.

    2. If you are using a mods folder you have nothing to worry about - a verify integrity will not overwrite anything in your mods folder. In fact it will not overwrite any non-GTA files such as OpenIV or SH or SHVDN etc. So again no issues.

    3. Ok, so if you did use your games folder, rather than the recommended Mods folder, the solution is very simple. Back up all your GTA game files (all the rpfs) and then do the verify integrity. Then restore your streamed_vehicles_granular.rpf and any other files.

    But really, use a mods folder to avoid any issues in the future. And if you have one, no issue - just do your verify integrity.

  • I do use a mods folder but i accidentally put it in the game folder

  • @damien08 That's good news. A verify integrity will not have any impact on your mods folder, nor your scripts, nor any mods in your installation folder. All it will do is restore your missing file and any others that you might have replaced in error - so if unsure backup your game files first.

    BTW, it's a great idea to backup your mod customisations as well - assuming you have the drive space or an external drive. At the very least backup customized files as you change them by extracting them in OpenIV if necessary - for example your dlclist.xml (included in update.rpf).

  • i will ty

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