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GTA V not detecting Add-on cars

  • So i decided to download some Add-on cars and i did everything it says in instructions etc. but GTA V did not detected since i did changed the dlclist.xml with the line but still not detecting (I also put the folder on the correct location) Only 1 car was added into the game. Does anyone knows how to fix?

  • not without more detail, no. Have you checked the openiv.log file to check that the relevant dlcpacks are being loaded? Have you confirmed that the mods are installed in the right place? do you have the required pre-requisites if there are any?

  • @helpmeigoterror Just to add to what @ItsJustCurtis suggested, what does GTA V did not detect mean? How did you spawn the car and what error message did you get? "Invalid Model"?

    Just to make sure, even if you have 1 addon loading properly, the path to dlclist.xml should be:

    \mods\update\update.rpf\common\data make sure it's not \mods\update.rpf\common\data nor \mods\update\common\data

    So if you do have the correct path and correct folder, which is likely since you have 1 that worked, you probably have a syntax error in dlclist.xml or you have the wrong spawn name. Note that the car spawn name and the folder name are not always the same.

    Please post a link to the models and the lines in dlclist.xml for the ones that are NOT loading.

    and if that is indeed the issue make sure you have your gameconfig, heap, pack, etc to avoid a crash.

  • @JohnFromGWN Im gonna try that. I will reply if it worked or not worked

  • @JohnFromGWN Thank you so much man it worked. Its was just on the wrong path thats why it didnt worked

  • @helpmeigoterror Good and thanks for reporting back.

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