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Why does my interior break after doing something in Zmodeler3?

  • Hey all, i have this weird problem that I think shouldn't happen. Sooo, basically i wanted to add a lightbar on a Vanilla car (Everon). Watched some videos on Youtube. Tried doing it, followed every step, added every vehshare file and the interior ytd file. Put on my lightbar exported it, installed it to my local FiveM server and saw that my interior was fully white, no textures no anything. As far as I know it shouldn't be like that. Ok, I thought something needs to change. So i imported every texture from thevehicles_cav_interior.ytd file to the default everon.ytd. And what do you think ? Nothing freaking changed!!! It's still broken. So I am out of ideas, maybe I made something wrong, please if someone knows why this is happening tell me, all I want is to make vanilla cars :laughing: Thanks in advance.

  • i dont understand you tried to change the whole interior of the car or just tried to add something to the interior?
    anyways it seems like your software break/dont save uv mapping of the model of the interior it means the game dont know what textures to apply to your model.

    everysingle model ingame have uv mapping, without it no textures can be applied, try to search in google about your software/model importer you use about uv mapping, or just check if the model has uv mapping after importing it(google how to check uv mapping)

    btw i highly suggest you to download 3dsmax from torrent and download the following importer - GIMS

    edit: make sure the file you exported from openiv named .odr has the texture name inside it, theres must be a field you must to fill about what texture name the game should use just make sure you didnt missed it

    just open the ydr file in openiv and click on "view embedded textures" and tell me if you see any textures

  • @redogg So basically the problem is with vanilla cars only.

    as you can see in this video after doing something with a vanilla car, the interior breaks. Theres tutorials on how to correctly import the model, but it still doesn't work

  • @Nedas02 damn, i dont know this software but if its only on vanilla cars then you most likely missing something which this tut video doesnt show you.
    i dont know if you want it for singleplayer or fivem but on fivem theres many free/paied addons that do the same thing but without messing with the models

  • @redogg You don't understand me, theres more videos on this topic, but they all don't work

  • @Nedas02 said in Why does my interior break after doing something in Zmodeler3?:

    @redogg You don't understand me, theres more videos on this topic, but they all don't work

    bro, if it works for them on vanilla cars and for you its not, then you missing something.

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