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Automatic color matched motorcycle helmets

  • So personally I find it extremely unsatisfying that in single player your helmet is almost always some hideous lid you pull out of your butt and rarely if ever matches your vehicle.
    I was wondering how complex it would be to make it so when you mount a bike and pull out a helmet, it is painted with the primary/secondary/pearl color from the vehicle you're mounted on. I believe this is a more practical solution rather than having a billion custom helmets and selecting one for each vehicle or every time you get on a bike. This would also theoretically work for any NPC motorcycle and could even be a custom full faced helmet that is the only style of helmet you have available. I would rather it be color matched and have everyone use an identical helmet model and lose the dirt bike helmet style (although those do look nice) rather than struggle to make sure Trevor gets to keep his stupid brain buckets. It would also make more sense that the helmet is pulled directly from the vehicle rather than your bottomless pocket, in which case it would more than likely match the bike anyway. I know it would likely not be perfect with every bike but I feel like at least forcing them to share the same color set as your vehicle would be way more satisfying than the current system. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help if someone decides to tackle this project, or if I'm missing something like this mod already exists, please let me know. I may be alone in this but the helmets have always felt like they were lacking to me.

  • @flameinphoenix Unlikely that will ever happen. I too want to puke when I see some of Trevor's helmets and I have a simple solution if you don't mind getting your hands dirty. It's not perfect and doesn't match colors, but it's much better than that vanilla crap.

    Step 1. In OpenIV, go to \mods\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\streamedpedprops.rpf\player_two_p

    Step 2. Extract a helmet you really don't like, for example p_head_011.ydd and keep it as your backup in a folder on your HDD in case you change your mind.

    Step 3. Extract a helmet that you do like, for example p_head_025.ydd and rename it p_head_011.ydd

    Step 4. Drag the renamed p_head_011.ydd in OpenIV so it overwrites the vanilla file. You have now replaced the ugly helmet with the nice one (and yes, you now have 2 files with the nice one but who cares. Don't just delete the file, that may cause issues with the trainer).

    Step 5. Depending on the helmet you will want to also do the same for the texture variations. In our example the file you want is p_head_diff_025_a.ytd. Now this might be a pain but you will only have to do it once. You need to replace all the texture variations for 11 with those from 25. Same process for example.
    Take p_head_diff_025_a.ytd and rename it p_head_diff_011_a.ytd, then do it for p_head_diff_025_b.ytd and any other texture variations.

    In the example above, 025 only comes in one color/one texture variation, so you use the same file renamed as a, b, c, d, etc - one for each texture that comes with 011 or whatever helmet you replace.

    Backing up those files is optional as long as you work in your mods folder because they exist in the games folder.

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