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I'm asking about object visibility

  • hey, i've created a ymap that adds a lot of props like trees, and the problem arose when i compared the tree i added with the tree that was already in gta v, in the same distance the tree i added is not visible but the original gta v tree is still seen,

    so i want to ask what should i do so that the tree i added is still visible at some distance?
    Thanks in advance 😁

  • @Rizzx sounds like an LOD issue. Not sure what your issue is, this might help?


  • @JohnFromGWN thanks for the forum, I found the problem is in the LOD, but I still don't understand how to increase visibility, I see there are LodDist and ChildLodDist in my Ymap, should I increase the Value?

  • @JohnFromGWN Hey man thanks to you, now i figured out my problem and after i experimented with my files i finally found a way so i can see my tree in a far distance, and i have also found a quick way to change all the lod distances without changing them one by one

    thank you very much, maybe without you I would never have solved this problem 🤩

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