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having issues to install Addons clothing

  • greetings. i'm running my original copy of gta v at the leatest 1.57, released the July 20, 2021.

    and i'm having issues with two particular modes, that perhaps should do the same thing.

    i tried with:
    but the installation is not very clear due to the fact that i have no Dlclist.meta in my folder, and the creator is not willing to help.

    then, to try something similar but in different way of installation, i tried with:
    MPmale and female addons:

    but this one does not work either. clothings won't shows up.

    and i tried to install those ones without any other addon installed. even separately to not cause conflictions.

    the reason why i need those adder clothing, is because i'm running with EUP uniforms. and EUP uniforms replace the majority of the files. so in my end, i would like some way to add clothing instead of replace.


    if anything further is needed, let me ask.

  • exept, the author said:

    Here's some extra information:
    1.There is a typo in installation, the file is dlclist.meta and not .xml, it should be kinda obvious that i mean .meta though? Just addressing this issue

  • @WGotch07 i managed to make it work.

    but makes my game crash despite already installed gameconfig, headzip, the other limitator, and a bounch of files.

    whenever i load my menyoo outfit that i created ( like the swat one ) it crashes.

    and the worst part is, i didn't even installed any new files.

    it automatically crashes when i load it with the mod installed.
    without it, cause no issues.

  • @WGotch07 When the author says the file is dlclist.meta where you have the dlcpacks listed, that's a clear signal to stay away from that mod. lol. no?

  • @WGotch07

    Yes, one hundred percent.

    I just installed a few hairs, cars and no scripts what so ever ( outside the required ones )

  • @Frenk4 you should update to los santos tuner version and see if that helps, you will need to update your gameconfig if you do.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    exept, my game is already updated to the los santos tuner?

  • @Frenk4 ok, but there was an update in August, just to keep your game current.

  • @JohnFromGWN


  • @Frenk4 well since your convinced everything is properly installed u might want to ask for help on the EUP discord as other users might have solved this issue, particularly since the clothes addon creator couldn't help.

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