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Mod Paywalls [A spreading disease]

  • Mod paywalls are a total scam. I mean, I have seen mods in "beta" version that are only on patreon for years on end, and they are scripts, retextures. I meant the hell?!
    Some do not give their (3d)sources out:
    ["Ford F Series
    Full engine
    Price: 20$
    Converted by: I
    Credits: (it's free, but i dont wanna give my source out)

    and 1 mod I saw (I'll not take the name), is on the creator's website. When you go to download the free version it shows a popup "You are downloading on slow bandwidth, join my membership program to download at high speed." and after you click download at low speed it shows a google vignette advertisement. WHAT THE HELL?!!

    Not all are like this, some mod creators have a patreon, but eventually happily release it for free. That I understand, for the beta version, not everyone needs it. But some mods are permanently on "Beta" version.

    Not to offend anyone, just my grab on todays mod development situation.
    Again not all mod creators are alike, some are excellent both at developing and ethics.

  • @DakshNov2006 And this surprises you? Hell, EA was planning on having paid advertisements in their AAA games. And creators claim they are part of the community but they seldom help anyone in the forums. I remember when I first started scripting. I was watching this tutorial by this guy who was too lazy to put his C# tutorial code on pastebin, pages and pages of code. Then at one point he says something like "You can do this (a technique) but I can't show you how because it would be giving away my trade secrets". What a dickhead. That was the last time I watched any tutorials on any GTA subject.

    Having made that rant, I agree there are some first class creators out there who put out beautiful conversions in the spirit of the community and free web.

  • The worst part is seeing those dudes "creating" cars or whatnot very poorly designed and still want cash for that put them out like "Here's my shit buy it" for unhuman prices often seeing illegally unlocked cars just modified a lil to not make it obvious.

    There is ALOT more stuff on here FREE that's way better and the crazy part is they still get payed for that shit because the people don't know better payed = better you know. They always show only the good parts about it why would anyone buy shit right? But after the purchase they can't do shit so who gives a damn they got they're money LOL

    With that beeing sayd it's not everyone doing that shit but a lot its just very sad. (Have seen big creators tho to this date do this to)


  • Mods becoming mainstream is the cancer that killed modding. Add in the fact paid mods have become a thing and then you got the situation we're in now.

    Anything normalfags and people pandering to (cough YouTubers cough) touch becomes garbage.

  • not only that, but ive seen a lot of newer models of cars come out that have way too much polygons, ive seen a car on the main page for a while that has over 800k polygons, vehicels with really high polygons kills fps , i try to avoid them, but most newer cars are coming out like that , unoptimized

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