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How to open and edit textures in .ydd files?

  • How to open and edit textures in .ydd files? I see textures in OpenIV but i cannot edit them

  • You can extract textures from OpenIV and edit them, as .dds files. You need imaging software that can support .dds. Paint.net is one, another is Photoshop with a plugin. However not all textures are .dds, some are png and they can be exported as jpg, bmp, png, dds.

    The texture files in GTAV are the ones ending in ytd. If you want to replace textures just import them back into OpenIV.

    Here is a good tool to extract as well.

    Or use Codewalker's RPF Explorer

  • No i mean specular maps and normal maps that are already "embedded" in the .ydd model. I often see this on mp clothes models

  • @RadiantBrood There would be 2 ways to go about this:
    Method 1:
    Extract the ydd as OpenFormats, you should be able to see and edit the embedded textures.
    Once finished editing the textures, import the Openformats to OpenIV.

    Method 2:
    Drag and drop the ydd in a folder (preferably on your Desktop). Download Texture toolkit
    Drag and drop the ydd on the texture toolkit.exe
    Select the texture you want, go to File>Save

  • I'll try it, thank you

  • @JohnFromGWN That mod did nothing

  • @SuperIsakSwahn did you follow the instructions by @DakshNov2006 ?

    And which mod? Texture toolkit or openiv or rpf explorer

  • I've been trying to figure out but don't know a correct solution. Ex. I'm able to edit the skin color of heads 3,4, 41 & 42 to make them darker. But now they have lighter complexion for their neck and hands. Does anyone know how to make the skins darker complexion so that they match the skin tone of the face correctly? I'm in Patchday4ng where you can extract the body files but unlike the head which goes 1-45, the skins for the body are filed differently. Just wondering how people do this.

  • @The-Canon Changing Head's texture doesn't effect the other body parts. The only thing I guess you can try is;

    Open one of them in Photoshop and give the texture a darker tint, preferably as Overlay. Select the texture and right click > Fill. Set the color to black or maybe start with a brown color first. Set the intensity to about 60% , and change the mode to Overlay. If it doesn't do well, try Multiply.

    Once you found the correct values, do the same for all other body part textures.

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