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Peds can't see added props

  • Hey folks! I've been using DSCADX's excellent "Personal Army" mod (linked here) to spawn in my own custom troops for various scenarios, but have run into a bit of an issue. They don't seem to detect objects added in map editor or Menyoo.

    I haven't added any non-native props, all of the ones I'm working with came with the game, so that's not the issue. But I'll create a wall, let's say, and then order the troops to go to the other side of it, and rather than going around the obstacle, they'll just run straight into it and be unable to progress further. They won't take cover at it or interact with it - it's like they can't see it. This problem doesn't happen for cars.

    Any ideas for how I might fix it?

  • @CoronaPrime you're asking peds to interact with objects that dont exist in the game, a wall thats not supposed to be there in the unmodded game, so they dont know they can go around it. Even in the unmodded game a companion ped might make a significant detour to follow you if they aren't on a regular road for example. Also remember, if that's the case, that addon peds don't necessarily animate as expected. For some, u can't change the walking style.

    And you're right, modded cars, clothes, weapons, other addon peds are not the problem. This is an issue about navigation and routes and pathways. Block a road and the will try to go through what's blocking. Let them drive a car, and they'll smash into that block, reverse, and then go forward into it again...over and over.

  • Thank you for the reply and added clarity - is there any potential solution you can think of, some way to change the pathways that NPCs can see? Or am I stuck?

  • @CoronaPrime I don't know, i don't use mission mods or scripts. You can however, definitely create a path using a trainer or a C# script, so it depends on what you're doing, movies or RP.

    Other than that try to use "obstacles" that are already there - but remember the peds will often go around rather than do a simple jump over a fence say - i found their behaviour inconsistent as well.

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