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Need help with OpenIV

  • Struggling with installation of OpenIV, whenever launching ovisetup an error pops up with [ERROR] Setup is unable to write log file (If that's any help) but when clicking ok it continues with the download process, once i've gone through the rest of the steps it starts to download, as it gets to the end it installs a message pops up with OpenIV Installation failed with no further info. Help is really appreciated if anyone knows what could be causing this. (If any further info is needed contact me)

  • @SecuredG try right clicking and select run as administrator. If that doesn't work you need to verify or change the permissions on the GTA5 Folder so that OpenIV has write permission.

  • @JohnFromGWN Are you able to elaborate on what you mean by OpenIV having right permissions on the GTA5 folder, because I've tried running ovisetup as administrator but it has be setup using regular user.

  • @SecuredG Write permissions (write, not right) it means that OpenIV has the permission (from an admin account only) to create a log file in the GTA5 folder. You normally don't have to do this but you may not have admin privileges on your account??

  • @JohnFromGWN Ah alright let me check it out, sorry about that thought it might've been a typo. Also yeah not sure what's been going on with the admin thing i've been having issues with it I will get it checked out. And now that I think about it that might be the solution to this problem thanks for that.

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