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Failed to add vehicle

  • The game has been reinstalled.
    The mods folder is also reinstalled.
    When I add a vehicle, it shows that the addition fails when I enter the game
    I am pretty sure that the names of my dlclist and extratitleupdatedata are correct
    Because before the update, I can use it until the game is updated today.
    When entering the game, it becomes impossible to add a vehicle and it will fail.
    Please help? Is this my problem???

    There are also weapon mod appearances that cannot be changed
    Enter the game weapon is to show the original shape

  • @Jake_GG not enough info. In passing you dont need to do complete reinstalls which unfortunately seem to be very popular, a verify integrity should be the first step because it's effective and quick. Also, you don't need to update extratitle file but that's not your issue.

    You most likely installed to the wrong folder or folder path or you have errors in dlclist.xml.

    How are you trying to spawn vehicles and what is the exact error message ?

    You say the problem appeared after an update but an update shouldn't keep all vehicles from spawning, at least i haven't seen that reported here, and you reinstalled...

    This might help


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