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Update v1.57 - Known Incompatibilities

  • Hello there,

    I jump in and out of playing GTA V and I have a number of common mods installed. Recently after the 1.57 update I installed latest ScriptHook and can get the game to launch but it CTDs during the single-player loading phase.

    Obviously this is a problem with one of the mods I have installed. Can you please tell me:

    • If there is a list of mods with known incompatibility with 1.57? This way I can cross check against what I have and hopefully eliminate the problem.
    • During game load is there any way to generate a log which might indicate the problematic mod?

    Thanks in advance!

  • @GBmore Not documented and it would be difficult to do given there must be 100, 000 mods here, give or take a few thousand.

    Many mods go back to 2016 and the authors are long gone and probably could care less. Additionally, what is compatible with your system depends on dozens if not hundreds of variables - most of which reflect the mods installed and possible conflicts or just being outdated.

    Does your game still run without any mods loading? That's the first thing to check in my opinion. If it doesn't run without mods, it ain't gonna run with mods.

    Verify integrity will eliminate many issues right off the bat. Crashing can cause save game corruptions - so that's another possibility.
    Try a new gameconfig. The last update broke my system until i changed gameconfigs (updated one didn't work for me)
    Finally, start removing mods (simply move them or rename them) starting with the visual ones, scripts, missions. Car and ped addons rarely break after an update.
    Also, you can check the comments for mods to see how many ppl are reporting issues after an update.

    Bottomline: fixing a modded game that broke is ridiculously simple. Remove all mods, add them back, one at a time.
    Removing doesn't mean, deleting and redownloading and reinstalling. It means move them or rename them, don't touch dlclist.xml.

  • Thanks for your advice John. Come to think of it my request for a compatibility list is completely unfeasible for a game with such a vast and historic array of mods like GTA V!

    I was looking for an easy way to do this without trial and error but I don't have that many mods installed anyway so not too painful. I think I'll go "top down" and remove the biggest/riskiest mods first and reach a point where the game will start. I'll share my results on the forums too in case anyone cares or searches.

  • @GBmore That sounds like the right approach and thanks for sharing your solution once you find it, very few people report back so the knowledge base suffers.

  • @WGotch07 Thanks. That's for the current patch/dlc update right?

    My game version is 1.0. 2372.2 and I also noticed that in Steam there is a separate build ID number: 7172076.

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