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Map Editor and Menyoo does not load or load some map objects

  • Menyoo act as it loading on some map and i fall though blue hell and some it don't load at all and when it does its incomplete. as for map editor it works for me but most maps it don't load at all and most of the time it tells me " object reference not set to an instance of an object". I tried changing object list and stuff no dice then i search the internet on forums and stuff nothing. i know people had it but those posts died 2 years ago with no fix. what the point of haveing map on gta v mods if i cant load them. Anyone have a fix for it?

  • @Colonelnumber1 did you select load placements with Menyoo?

    Menyoo works perfectly from my personal experience except for maps created by inexperienced creators who upload without adequate testing or maps designed for GTA5 circa 2015.

    Whenever you install a map or MLO, chances are it is old and outdated, broken or poorly designed from the onset, or not compatible with your particular rig and configuration. Before you install a mod, check the comments from the current year to see if anyone is reporting issues.

    Remember that mods are free. You get what you paid for.

  • @Colonelnumber1 can you send the link of what you want to load? I can surely help you

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