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Modifying Pedestrian AI

  • Hi everyone!

    I am totally new when it comes to modding GTA, but I am eager to make strides in reasonable time.

    Which file(s) would I look into to go about doing the following things that the Realism Enhanced Traffic and Driver Mod has tended to:

    1. Rather than pedestrians stopping to then back up to go around a car, have them go around the car altogether without having to stop
      2). Have pedestrians change lanes and park more frequently
      3). Make it so pedestrians can properly use right turns at red lights, and may also choose which lane is best based upon cars ahead

    I do have OpenIV and Codewalker installed.

    I'd like to fiddle around with variables like these on my own, hence why I am seeking this information. Thank you :)

  • @CapeCon All the functions you need are here:


    With respect specifically to ped driving styles:

    Function.Call(Hash.TASK_VEHICLE_ESCORT, CurrentPed, LastVehicle, Vehicle1, 4, 56.0F, 16777216, 2, 1, 4);//not sure about p7, set it to 1

    The 16777216 is the driving style parameter

    1. Stop before vehicles

    2. Stop before peds

    3. Stop before vehicles and peds (1+2=3)

    4. Avoid vehicles

    5. Stop before vehicles and avoid vehicles (in other words, 1 + 4 = 5)

    6. All of the above, stop and avoid

    7. Stop at traffic lights

    8. Both lines above (63 + 128 = 191)

    9. Drive in reverse gear

    10. Take shortest path (Removes most pathing limits, the driver even goes on dirt roads)

    11. Ignore roads (Uses local pathing, only works within 200~ meters around the player)

    12. Ignore all pathing (Goes straight to destination). This is what caused ramming

    13. Use blinkers.

    14. Use blinkers, avoid shit, stop for everything including traffic lights

    15. Same as above but doesn't stop for traffic lights.

    16. Allow overtaking vehicles if possible (Unconfirmed)

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