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New to modding GTA 5! Got some questions.

  • Now I've read the Quick start guide to modding Grand Theft Auto V but I still have some questions about it.

    1. I know that we simply drag the Scripthook dll files into you root Gta 5 folder but is it possible to put scripthook in a folder (folder name is "Scripthook" as an example) in your gta 5 directory?

    2. We can rename dinput8.dll to disable all mods at once but Is there a way to disable an individual mod without having to reinstall them later? For example say I have 5 car add-ons and I want one of them to not show up in game, as if I have never installed one of them and yet still be in the directory disabled or is the only way to "disable" a mod just to delete it and reinstall it?

    3. I'm interested in the VisualV graphics mod, but I assume it must put strain on the CPU and GPU? But by how much?

  • @OmegaHumanite Hi. I'll take a crack at the first 2, I don't use any visual mods and never will, but yes any mod can tax your system such as high polygon count models, particularly if they lack the proper LODs.

    1. ScripthookV has to be in the root/installation folder and the ScripthookV dot net files have to go in the scripts folder. Having said that, and I really don't see the purpose, you could probably play with the path command in Windows and relocate these files...or perhaps, given the source code is available make a modification there and recompile, but again why would you want to do that? So short answer, Nope. Keep in mind if you did change Scripthook's location, any script or asi or dll which relied on it would have to be modified. This of course would include the Scripthook dotnets and NativeUI/LemonUi - so you're looking at some major changes.

    2. For all mods which don't depend on other mods, you can use exactly the same method of renaming (or moving) to disable a mod from loading. Same with scripts or any mods in the root folder. You can disable whole folders or individual files, essentially whatever you want. Most importantly you don't have to edit the dlclist.xml file, it will simply ignore files that are missing. So no need to ever reinstall a mod (unless a newer version is available) and similarly, although most people will not heed this advice, there is no need to reinstall the full game when something goes wrong, you just do a verify integrity. Some people actually reinstall Windows when they have a glitch in the game which is totally ridiculous.

    In passing, although most people keep all the addon mods in dlcpacks folder you can also create subfolders to help organize your addons. This will also allow you to batch disable multiple mods in one shot. For example you could have all your muscle cars in a subfolder called dlcpacks/muscle and use that path in dlclist.xml. Many of the veterans here also consolidate addons into the same dlc.rpf - this puts less stress on the system and would allow for easier disables - but you would lose the flexibility of disabling a single addon for example - which is why I don't personally use this approach.

    What is written above applies to addons, replace mods are more complicated given they can span multiple rpfs. They are not meant to be disabled, but rather just there to replace vanilla entities (peds, vehicles, textures, clothes, etc).

    With respect to enabling and disabling mods, I do that on startup. I created a menu as a command batch file which allows me to quickly enable or disable any mod or disable all mods. For example, selecting dinput8.dll would run the following commands:

    set ADDON_PATH="P:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\"
    set ADDON_NAME="dinput8.dll"
    set DISABLE_NAME=".dinput8.dll"
    cd /d %ADDON_PATH%
    Ren %ADDON_NAME% %DISABLE_NAME% 2> nul || ren %DISABLE_NAME% %ADDON_NAME% 2> nul
    if exist %ADDON_PATH%\%ADDON_NAME% (
    call :ColorText 0a "Modded Game Enabled"
    ) else (
    call :ColorText 0c "Modded Game Disabled"


  • @JohnFromGWN
    Props to you on using batch files to automate things haha. Never occurs to me and if it does, I have to do a large amount of Googling to remember how to do anything.

  • @IAmJFry Thanks. For now my system is stable with more addons than I ever imagined installing, so I keep the options short and sweet - no need to disable much.

    I did add options to start steam without credentials and quick access to my GTA folders.

    Would love to rewrite this in C# using the mouse rather than the keyboard to select.

    alt text

  • @JohnFromGWN That answers my first 2 questions, so thanks for that! Just curious but why don't you use visual mods?

  • @OmegaHumanite I generally don't use any mods other than vehicles and peds. I do use Menyoo as well as my own LemonUI menu, RCA, and Forests of Chiliad. This essentially eliminates issues with outdated mods and potential conflicts between mods but most of all i don't need anything else.

    Visual mods, well that's another story. Keep in mind this is only my opinion and as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's a subjective issue. ENBs and mods like NVE essentially try to create detail where it doesn't exist and they fail miserably. It's like a mediocre photographer whose pictures need cropping, sharpening, contrast and brightness adjustments, and a host of filter effects just to make them presentable.

    I think the GTA5 graphics, out of the box vanilla, are excellent particularly when you consider the graphics engine goes back before 2015 and i have a good graphics card with all visual settings maxed out and a decent higher resolution monitor.

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