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Radio HUD missing

  • My GTA5 in-game radio is broken.
    IDK why, I tried to reinstall the game and reinstall the mods but it doesn't work.

    • mods that I installed:
      Vanillaworks Extended Pack
      Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack
      Enhanced NativeTrainer (Chinese traditional)
      World of variety
      Realism Dispatch Enhanced
      Script hook V
      Community Script Hook V .NET

    Screenshot here:https://imgur.com/a/eyLAtxF

  • 個人廣播電台=Self Radio

  • @RayzKuo03 Looks like a very outdated 'hud.gfx'. Not sure what mod installed that, but it's not on this list.

    You could try replacing it with the vanilla one:

    Go to update > update.rpf > x64 > patch > data > cdimages > scaleform_generic.rpf and extract hud.gfx

    Then go to mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > patch > data > cdimages > scaleform_generic.rpf and replace it and see if that fixes it.

  • @WGotch07 Thanks for the reply. It looks very useful.
    But it still doesn't work.
    Before this problem happened I installed a mod called Realistic Snow Traction.
    This mod will replace materials.dat. I use moded uninstall oiv files to uninstall it.

    I guess Maybe I can try to install New Colorful Hud mod and use the uninstall oiv file to replace hud.gfx

    I didn't reinstall the game I only delete all files for the main folder(Grand Theft Auto V) and verify the game file from steam.

    I have install fivem. Will it causes the problem?

    sorry for bad English:(

  • @RayzKuo03 Not entirely sure about FiveM.
    But do try install the colourful HUD mod - Remove either VWE or WoV as they are not compatible with each other.
    Same with IVPack, not sure about RDE though.

    Also, are you on the latest version of the game?

  • @WGotch07 Yes, my game version is 1.0.2372.2

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