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emergency light system

  • The problem is that when I install the emergency light system mod, it crashes the game after starting the game for a single player. After removing els, the game works again. I have no idea what the problem is. I would like to ask for help.

  • @Galeraetka you can always try to contact the creator but it could be a conflict with another mod. First thing i would try is to reinstall with careful attention to the instructions. In a sense you're lucky it crashed immediately after installation. If you had installed a whole bunch of mods at the same time you'd have to figure out which one or ones caused the crashing.

  • I only have lspdfr and els, now I removed els to be able to play normally and downloaded some other mods not related to this. However, they have no effect because els before installing them didn't work anyway and it crashes. Before, I had a lot of mods and els. I've never had a problem like this. Recently I removed all mods and is reinstalling one by one. Just when installing els, the game crashes after turning on story mode. I did the installations step by step

  • @Galeraetka do a verify integrity just to be sure and keep in mind that the last update caused some of us grief requiring new gameconfigs.

  • @JohnFromGWN Była robiona, nic nie dało to niestety.

  • I read it too, unfortunately, but I do everything according to the instructions and nothing else. Maybe teamviwer?

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