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IPL not loading properly

  • I tried loading this ipl bkr_biker_interior_placement_interior_1_biker_dlc_int_02_milo in my c# script and the wall don't seem to want to load, any ideas how to fix this?

  • @M8T What's your code?

    void REQUEST_IPL(const char* iplName) // 0x41B4893843BBDB74 0x3B70D1DB b323

    Are you removing or replacing anything?

  • @JohnFromGWN Function.Call(Hash.REQUEST_IPL, "bkr_biker_interior_placement_interior_2_biker_dlc_int_ware01_milo");
    Im pretty sure the walls are not loading because there are different variants to them but im not sure how to change that.

  • @M8T variants of what? it should load unless you need to remove something first, AFAIK.
    Are you getting an error or it just doesn't load?

  • @JohnFromGWN It loads just not the walls since in online you need to select a variant of the walls i think

  • @M8T So you tried to load the variants separately?

  • @JohnFromGWN I don't know how to do that.

  • @M8T I found some example codes, actually tons of examples. They are lua but easy to make out. Hopefully you'll find what you're looking for and then convert it to #.


    BikerClubhouse2 = {
    interiorId = 246529,
    Ipl = {
    Interior = {
    ipl = "bkr_biker_interior_placement_interior_1_biker_dlc_int_02_milo",
    Load = function() EnableIpl(BikerClubhouse2.Ipl.Interior.ipl, true) end,
    Remove = function() EnableIpl(BikerClubhouse2.Ipl.Interior.ipl, false) end
    Walls = {
    brick = "walls_01", plain = "walls_02",
    Color = {
    greenAndGray = 1,
    multicolor = 2,
    orangeAndGray = 3,
    blue = 4,
    lightBlueAndSable = 5,
    greenAndRed = 6,
    yellowAndGray = 7,
    red = 8,
    fuchsiaAndGray = 9
    Set = function(walls, color, refresh)
    if color == nil then color = 0 end
    SetIplPropState(BikerClubhouse2.interiorId, walls, true, refresh)
    SetInteriorPropColor(BikerClubhouse2.interiorId, walls, color)
    Clear = function(refresh)
    SetIplPropState(BikerClubhouse2.interiorId, {BikerClubhouse2.Walls.brick, BikerClubhouse2.Walls.plain}, false, refresh)
    LowerWalls = {
    default = "lower_walls_default",
    SetColor = function(color, refresh)
    SetIplPropState(BikerClubhouse2.interiorId, BikerClubhouse2.LowerWalls.default, true, refresh)
    SetInteriorPropColor(BikerClubhouse2.interiorId, BikerClubhouse2.LowerWalls.default, color)

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