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Cooler helicopter/plane crashes?

  • So in GTA V, helicopters and planes can obviously catch fire and begin to crash, which is cool. But if they take further damage, they generally explode in mid-air. But that's not very cinematic imo - I'm looking for a way to make it so that they never explode in the air, and instead when they take damage will simply burn and begin to fall out of the sky, with its AI passengers bailing out. I think it would look much cooler, both for gameplay and machinima purposes. Do you know if a mod like this exists, or how one would go about making one?

  • @CoronaPrime
    Good idea, could lead to some fun situations :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Not sure about the finer points of doing it, but one thing to look at would be the damage the aircraft can sustain before exploding. Have a read of this thread as it's related to that. :thumbsup:

    Might be possible to do something like increase the aircraft's ability to sustain damage & resist exploding, but put all of the damage into the engines forcing it to lose control & plummet out of the sky. With a high collision damage value you might possibly be able to control whether it explodes when it hits the ground or not too.

    Don't think many people have done much investigation into vehicle damage & stopping vehicles exploding (even tho it is possible), so I wouldn't expect to find any mods that cater to it. I haven't seen any per se.

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