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If you can figure this out, consider yourself the best modder in the world. :)

  • Hello, if you are reading this I hope you can solve my problem, which I consider a bit difficult for the tools we have at our disposal.

    If you can solve it you can consider yourself the best modder in the world (at least for me :D)

    I will try to explain it as clearly and neatly as possible: (Sorry for the bad English)

    1.- My goal:
    I want to reproduce cinematics of the MP mode, where my Online characters appear in it, obviously with all the characteristics that I have given (clothes, tattoos, facial characteristics, hair).
    Right here I will divide two sub-goals for different cinematics:

    1.1.-Cinematics of a single character:
    Those cinematics where only one Online character appears, as an example:
    Presentation of the Bunker; a cinematic where only the appearance of a single character is programmed.

    1.2 Multiple character cinematics:
    Those cinematics where up to 4 Online characters appear, as an example:
    The Doomsday Heist Introductory Cinematic (Avon Introductory); a cinematic where the appearance of up to 4 characters is programmed.

    Here I note that I want only 2 different characters to appear in these cutscenes. (no clones)

    2.- The tools used:
    To try to achieve this I have used the following mods:
    -Menyoo: to customize the character
    -Character Swap: to change the character

    3.- Procedure followed:
    The furthest successful attempt I have ever made consisted of the following:
    -Open the game and load in story mode.
    -Once loaded, open Menyoo and change my model to anyone.
    -Then enter director mode and select my Online character.
    -Once loaded, exit to story mode by selecting character wheel. (This will make me appear in story mode with my chosen Online character)
    -Once loaded, open the Character Swap menu and change the model that appears in the cinematics (Freemode Male or Female) for the current model (Online character).
    -Play the cinematics.

    4.- Progress achieved:
    By doing the above mentioned, I get the model to be partially changed, in other words I get my character's face and tattoos to appear correctly, but the clothes and hair do not.
    The same happens in the cinematics of multiple characters but with the difference that only 1 character is partially changed while the others appear as the bald character and the blue shirt.

    5.-Possible solutions:
    I have been thinking of some solutions and the most successful was the following:
    Extract the model of my Online character and install it as a Custom Ped through AddonPeds. Then in the game replace it in the cinematic through Character Swap, so the game would show the skin correctly because it is an Addon Ped and not a customizable Online character.

    6.- Problems:
    -I have no idea how to extract my Online character as Ped.
    -How to change the skin of the other characters in the cutscenes of 4 people.
    -How to disappear characters in cutscenes where there are 4 people. (I only want 2 characters with different characteristics, no clones)

    7.- Request:
    Without anything else to add, I appreciate your time if you will help me solve this problem.
    I am willing to hear your possible solution :).

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