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[SOLVED] Vehicle Hashes not working (tuners)

  • Hello guys.
    I am actually creating a car shop script.
    I'm using all lastest GTA + scripthook(.net)+nativeui+ add-ons spawner

    Everything was great until I get an error using Hashes of latest DLC (tuners)
    Some tuners car Hashes work and some other dont.
    For exemple tailgater s (tailgater2) Hashes ; 0xB5D306A4 isnt working
    But Dominator ASP (dominator7) Hashes ; 0x196F9418 work perfectly

    The error IS : 0xB5D306A4 represent an unsigned integer 32 bits
    Argu1 conversion impossible of uint in GTA.model

    Other not working : calico gtf ; Comet S2 ; rt3000 ; zr350 ; jester RR ; vectre ; sultan RS clasic ; futo GTX ; (freight train);

    The script is :
    World.createvehicle(0x196F9418, vector3position);

    If anyone know what is hapening please make me know.
    If someone have another way to Spawn tuners dlc car ( nativeui vehiclehash. Isnt UP to date for tuners dlc)
    Others script or vehicle reference...

    So please if anyone could help or juste have more Idea or anyhing will be appreciated.
    Even some basic knowledge is appreciated
    Do not hesitate to Ask for more. Thanks everyone in advance !
    Kang for the pleasure of sharing.

  • @Kangouroux6 Why would you use the hash when you can clearly state the name of the car?
    Do you have intellisense and Visual Studio, if so you can make the proper values appear.
    World.CreateVehicle("cougar70", PP.Position + PP.ForwardVector * 3.0f, PP.Heading + 90);

  • @JohnFromGWN Hey ! Thanks very much, for those precious advice :).
    Calling "name" work better than any options i known.
    So thanks for your answer, I now will be able to finish my car shop :D

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