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[VEHICLE] 1957 Lincoln Premiere

  • I'm looking for someone willing to convert this car for me, and upload on here for everyone to enjoy in their game.


    You don't have to buy the car! I already have the car files you will need for converting. I just simply shared the link so you know what car I'm talking about. I love classic automobiles, and compared to all the modern cars here on this site, the amount of classics are sorely lacking. This car happens to be one of my favorites of the classic Lincoln cars, and I need someone with conversion experience to help convert it into the game as an Addon vehicle (but you can add a replace option if you wish) I would prefer someone with automobile knowledge who knows what the car should look like, and how to convert great looking models that fuction well in the game. If you're interested, we can set up a way for me to send you the files of the car that I already bought. I'm not impatient, and I know some cars take some time to convert. I won't expect you to be finished converting it in one day.

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