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Increase object limit poolsize for menyoo?

  • Hi, I'm trying to map with menyoo a big project with a team, but objects are limited to 2000: so I modified my Object poolsize to 30000 but when I go above it crash.

    Someone have a game config to load more than 100.000 objects at the same time, or should I just go with separate files that I merge together at the end and transform into a ymap?

    Thank you for your answer.

  • @iterer its not just the number of objects you try to load in that xml file, its also their nature, size and texture resolution.

  • I see, but I have a XML file of ~2000 objects and I know that my map will be around 100.000 objects. When I modify the object pool to 40.000 or above it crashes.

    So I should increase the "texture", "resolution" in the game config file too if I understand well?

    Than youk for your answer.

  • If you're building a map that big, menyoo is not what you should be using. Its outside of my remit, but you need to be looking at creating a Ymap in codewalker. Menyoo for props is horrendously inefficient for memory, which is why the limit is there.

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