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Need help installing this car mod

  • Could someone help me out? I would love to use the Chevrolet HS Customs 1969 Camaro [Add-On | OIV | Animated Engine]. The issue is neither in the description or the readme files does it tell you how to install it. the mod comes with two things the read me file and an OIV file but it lacks install instructions the read me file only lists description of stuff in the mod.

  • @truffleshuffle OpenIV, Top Menu, Tools, Package Installer, browse to the OIV file.

  • Ok, thank you very much never used the package installer before.

  • @truffleshuffle You're welcome. An OIV file is an archive file similar to a zip or rar file. If you extract it you can install the addon manually which is preferable because you can see what goes where.

    There is an assembly.xml file in the package which details exactly where addon file goes. So essentially this file contains the information you need for a manual installation and just as importantly, a manual uninstall.

    I prefer to extract and manually install OIV files.

  • @JohnFromGWN i'll keep all that in mind. Thanks for the help

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