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I can’t drive

  • I downloaded True Realistic Driving and when I got into a vehicle, my game crashes saying it was a SCRIPT HOOK V error. When I tried deleting the files, the game didn’t crash when I got into a vehicle but it wouldn’t let me drive at all, anybody have a fix at all?

  • @Gamer_pug1 You'll probably have to replace all of the handling.meta (assuming that is what it edits) with the vanilla files and hope to god that you can drive, if not you probably will have to remake your mods folder

  • @Ethical Thx so much for the reply, is there any video I can watch or guide that I can see to do this? Sorry, I’m new to modding

  • `@Gamer_pug1 Is this the mod you installed? Please confirm.


    A mod like this appears to modify handling.meta without providing a backup. So don't start playing with mods like these until you are more familiar with mods and know how to restore files from vanilla to the mods folder.

    When you delete any addon (dlcpacks) or any asi/dll mod (root folder or scripts) they should not require any other intervention. Remove and your game is restored. The exceptions are OIV mods (some of them) and replace mods (which definitely change your files). Obviously this mod does modify files.

    Here is a good introduction to modding. Watch it and hopefully you will learn the process. When you understand how simple it is, you can go into the games folder and restore files, for example to copy handling.meta back to your mods folder. Not sure if this TRD mod edits any other files.

    For now, you can find handling.meta, the original version, here:

    You want to copy it to your mods folder, from OpenIV to the same place as your dlclist.xml:

    All of the above assumes you created and used a Mods folder, if not start doing so, and to fix your game simply do a verify integrity.

  • @Gamer_pug1 JohnFromGWN has provided a video that should provide you the basics of modding, good luck to you.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in I can’t drive:


    Unfortunately, I just tried to do a verify game integrity, and I also tried re-installing the handling.meta and it still didn't work, anything else I should try?

  • @Gamer_pug1 Try this. Go into OpenIV and make sure you're in the games folder, not the mods folder. Ill repeat, games folder, not mods.

    From OpenIV delete the handling.meta file in the game's folder. Now close OpenIV and do a verify integrity. This time you will get a message at least one file will be replaced. Once this file is replaced go back in OpenIV and delete handling.meta in the Mods folder.

    Finally, being sure to be in edit mode in OpenIV, copy handling.meta from games to mods.

    If this doesn't work, post here, it will mean the mod impacted other files. Should that be the case, unlikely, we will rebuild your mods folder from scratch.

  • @JohnFromGWN Unfortunately, I have just tried this, I got no message when doing the steps and verifying the integrity of the game, I keep trying and it doesn't work, any other tips?

  • @Gamer_pug1 if you deleted handling.meta from the game folder, then a verify integrity would have restored it.

    This time delete the enire update.rpf, the file itself, but again from the games folder. Do this from OpenIV or windows explorer. Make sure you're in the Game folder and NOT in the mods folder.

    Next do a verify integrity. If you don’t get a message that files will be replaced you are not deleting the right file. You can also do a reinstall but please make sure you are deleting from the game, not from the mods.

    Delete gta5 folder\update\update.rpf, just that file
    By gta5 folder i mean where your GTA5.exe is located.

    Do not delete this file

    If this doesn't work, contact the author and ask him what other files his mod changed and let him know he has caused you much grief.

    restoring your handling.meta for your game folder is only the first step and will not fix anything.
    The second step, which is the fix, is to copy handling.meta from the games folder to your mods folder. Don't do the opposite. You copy Game to mods.

    Unless that mod damaged other files or you deleted other files, then this will work. And i strongly suggest you stay away from mods that play around with your file system.

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