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  • I create custom maps for myself in menyoo, example traffic accident, road works, etc. If I click on added ped by object spooner, I click on animations and there are all animations in game. I can search animation, which I find. I create map yesterday for myself, I saw in animations list one concrete animation. But I delete this map and now today I can´t find this concrete animation for ped. How find this concrete animation in list if I don´t know name of this animation? Can I get name of animation from ped, which is doing animation?

  • @pat000 Yes, you answered your own question but did not check if it was possible. :)
    You can also go into the xml file and look for your ped and then these tags:


  • Okey, thank you. I use this topic, that I don´t have to create new topic only for 1 question. I want to use some concrete item in menyoo object spooner, but I don´t know, what is the name of subject, example table. But I don´t want find full of list items, table objects is most. How can I find one concrete objects? How can I get name of object for faster searching?

  • @pat000 When you say "concrete" I think you mean "specific"??


  • Yes, I mean concrete, specific object. Example I now find bar, because I am creating party and I want to have barman with bar. I have barman ped, but exist in game bar object?

  • @pat000 it probably does but you will need to search. There is no easy way. Either use object spooner in F9 mode to have a preview or same site as before, try bar, counter, etc


    You could also search OpenIV

    Another way is try to find a bar in a menyoo map in the mods section and identify it from there. A more complex way is to use codewalker, find one and its name.


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