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I messed up one of my files trying to download a mod

  • Basically what happened was, there was a mod that required me to edit my global.gxt2 file, so I followed the steps (or so I thought) and extracted it, edited it, and found out I unknowingly rendered it useless and broken by the time I replaced the original. I tried editing it back into its original state, but now it says its corrupt and every time I load up the game it crashes before I can get to the home page. Is there any way I can fix this or do I need to start from my backup file again?

  • @NateTheNinja21 If it's corrupted, then yeah - you need to start again.

  • @NateTheNinja21 hard to follow exactly what you did but always edit the mod version, not the game version. If both versions are screwed up, delete both, do a verify integrity to restore the game version, then copy game version to mod. The reason i said delete is to ensure everything goes properly particularly since OpenIV doesn't show a message confirmation or prompt when you overwrite a file. Not to mention newbies who don't realize there's an edit mode.

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