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Add On Peds not working after updating Script Hook V

  • My other mods are working just not add on peds for some reason, help would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea how it was affected by updating script hook (kinda new to modding gta v)

  • @fathervergil I don't see the connection between any addons and ScriptHook V other than it is necessary.

    The Add on Peds mod is outdated and no longer supported.

    Try this instead. It works flawlessly.


  • @JohnFromGWN not working for me, that method still requires addonpeds and my game won't start with addonpeds line added in dlclist.xml for some reason so I guess I really need to figure out why it won't start when i add that line, I appreciate the suggestion though

  • @fathervergil It won't work if you keep the mod there. Delete the mod but keep the folder. It's very likely the mod causing the problem. It is absolutely not a line in dlclist.xml unless the syntax is wrong.

  • @JohnFromGWN ah my bad I made the classic noob mistake of not reading carefully enough, however I'm still not able to get this method to work. I deleted everything from addonpeds and installed the addonpeds template from the tutorial, placed a mod inside peds.rpf and put them in peds.meta (and I did make sure it was placed in the right category), but the game is still crashing from the addonpeds line in dlclist.xml. I tried deleting that line and it runs fine, but of course then I dont have the peds. I don't see anything wrong with the syntax, I have it as <Item>dlcpacks:/addonpeds/</Item> super confused as to what's happening here

  • @fathervergil ok. Two things, it isn't scripthook that caused your issue, it's the update from R*.
    Secondly it's not your dlclist.xml crashing the game, it's a mod in the addon peds folder.

    Let's start with changing your gameconfig to a different one and see if it fixes it.

    In passing, did you rename peds.meta or any peds.rpf. if you did without editing content.xml you will have issues but a crash points to a bad mod or just need for new gameconfig, i suggest the one from dilapidated

  • @JohnFromGWN was able to stop it from crashing by changing all the forward slashes in dlclist.xml to back slashes (saw that this worked for someone else), but for me I'm still not getting the ped models to show up. Getting a ped model not found error. So for some reason it's not properly reading peds.rpf?

  • @fathervergil Direction of slashes has absolutely no impact on your dlclist.xml unless you forget to have both the opening and closing slashes.
    Is your addonpeds folder exactly the same spelling as in the dlclist line?
    Also, did you rename any files. You should have peds.meta, content.xml, setup2.xml, peds.rpf.
    If you change the name of peds.rpf it has to be updated in content.xml.
    I doubt you made those changes but just asking.

  • I mean I believe you but I don't know how to explain why it crashes when they're forward slashes. That was the only thing I changed to get the game to start. Addonpeds is spelled exactly the same as the folder and I didn't rename any of the files.

  • @fathervergil can you give me the name of a ytd or ymt file you added to peds.rpf and also copy paste the xml for that ped from peds.meta? The fact that your game no longer crashes rules out a gameconfig issue or bad mod.

    Problem is now a syntax or folder path issue which should be easier to solve.

  • sure, thanks for the help btw, the file name I added to peds.rpf is Supergirl_DCEU_dreadnot and the xml is

    <Item><Name>Supergirl_DCEU_dreadnot</Name><ClipDictionaryName>move_f@multiplayer</ClipDictionaryName><ExpressionSetName>expr_set_ambient_female</ExpressionSetName><Pedtype>CIVFEMALE</Pedtype><MovementClipSet>move_f@sexy@a</MovementClipSet><StrafeClipSet>move_ped_strafing</StrafeClipSet><MovementToStrafeClipSet>move_ped_to_strafe</MovementToStrafeClipSet><InjuredStrafeClipSet>move_strafe_injured</InjuredStrafeClipSet><FullBodyDamageClipSet>dam_ko</FullBodyDamageClipSet><AdditiveDamageClipSet>dam_ad</AdditiveDamageClipSet><DefaultGestureClipSet>ANIM_GROUP_GESTURE_F_GENERIC</DefaultGestureClipSet><FacialClipsetGroupName>facial_clipset_group_gen_female</FacialClipsetGroupName><DefaultVisemeClipSet>ANIM_GROUP_VISEMES_F_LO</DefaultVisemeClipSet><PoseMatcherName>Male</PoseMatcherName><PoseMatcherProneName>Male_prone</PoseMatcherProneName><GetupSetHash>NMBS_SLOW_GETUPS</GetupSetHash><CreatureMetadataName>ambientPed_upperWrinkles</CreatureMetadataName><DecisionMakerName>DEFAULT</DecisionMakerName><MotionTaskDataSetName>STANDARD_PED</MotionTaskDataSetName><DefaultTaskDataSetName>STANDARD_PED</DefaultTaskDataSetName><PedCapsuleName>STANDARD_FEMALE</PedCapsuleName><RelationshipGroup>CIVFEMALE</RelationshipGroup><NavCapabilitiesName>STANDARD_PED</NavCapabilitiesName><PerceptionInfo>DEFAULT_PERCEPTION</PerceptionInfo><DefaultBrawlingStyle>BS_AI</DefaultBrawlingStyle><DefaultUnarmedWeapon>WEAPON_UNARMED</DefaultUnarmedWeapon><Personality>SERVICEMALES</Personality><CombatInfo>DEFAULT</CombatInfo><VfxInfoName>VFXPEDINFO_HUMAN_GENERIC</VfxInfoName><AmbientClipsForFlee>FLEE</AmbientClipsForFlee><AbilityType>SAT_NONE</AbilityType><ThermalBehaviour>TB_WARM</ThermalBehaviour><SuperlodType>SLOD_HUMAN</SuperlodType><ScenarioPopStreamingSlot>SCENARIO_POP_STREAMING_NORMAL</ScenarioPopStreamingSlot><DefaultSpawningPreference>DSP_NORMAL</DefaultSpawningPreference><ExternallyDrivenDOFs /><PedVoiceGroup>SILENT_PVG</PedVoiceGroup><IsStreamedGfx value="false" /></Item>

  • @fathervergil
    Hi. I can't find any find any mod here by that name. Only supergirl.ymt etc.
    Is this an outdated mod or something you got from another site.
    Can you provide a link so i can install it or another ped you have installed that won't be recognized.

    In passing, just to confirm, the name of the ped, for example Supergirl.ymt, must be exactly the same as in Peds.meta, for example <Name>Supergirl</Name>
    And ofc you then spawn with Supergirl. I'm sure you know this already, I'm just puzzled as to what the issue is.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    This is the correct path and what your folder should look like.
    alt text

    and this is what the ped files should look like. Each "Normal" ped will have 4 files, ymt, ydd, ytd, and yft.
    Streaming peds will have 2 and a folder. The name of each file is the same and is the same name you put in peds.meta and the same name you use to spawn.

    alt text

  • the supergirl mod is new its from someones patreon (paid mod), one from this site that also isn't working is Moon Knight https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/moon-knight-addon my files look the same as yours except I don't have peds3.rpf but I doubt that's the issue, I am aware of the streamed/non-streamed differences and I made sure to put it in the correct place in peds.meta. The Moon Knight mod isn't streamed and I made sure to put all 4 files, the Supergirl mod has a 5th file for cloth (I think thats what its for, it has a cape with physics)

  • @fathervergil It bothers me that you have everything right and you know exactly what I mean. :)

    Makes it harder to understand what the hell is going wrong.

    You're absolutely right about the peds.rpf. You can have as many as you want and you can also rename them, but if you do the new files and any name changes have to be included in content.xml.

    I actually have 2 addonpeds folders (each with 3 rpfs) just to organize the 200 or so addon peds I have.

    I'll install the ped you linked a little later and report back.

  • @JohnFromGWN ok so I reached out to JulioNIB and he has a ped generator, this method worked for me https://www.patreon.com/posts/35298524 I am so happy I can use my peds again but I still have no idea what was causing the last method to not work still super curious about that haha, but hallelujah finally, been spending hours on this

  • @fathervergil I have only one other idea. When you uninstalled the Addon Peds Mod, you didn't uninstall all the files. Is that possible? I'm glad you fixed it, but unless it's left over asi or dll in your root or scripts folder, I have no idea what went wrong.

    Glad you fixed it though. I added your ped, like i have over 200 others, without any hiccups. Process is documented below but you know the drill. Anyway, please let me know if you did have some leftover crap from the original mod. Actually its kinda sad you're forced to add another mod which can get outdated when the manual process is so simple and effective. I hope you didn't pay for his mod. :(

  • Yep I checked a few times, no leftover files. I do recommend checking out that generator, its super easy, don't need to worry about checking if something is streamed or not no copy and pasting syntax and it's free. I totally understand wanting to stick with the manual method but I don't think its a one or the other situation. Also if you use any of his scripts it makes it super easy to generate suit files for them. Again thanks for taking the time to help super appreciated and I will keep note of that method

  • @fathervergil Important thing is that you got it fixed. I'm sure the generator mod is fine but I don't install any mods other than entities and a trainer. This minimizes potential mod conflicts and instability but most importantly I prefer to learn how to do something rather than have one do it for me. I'm pretty much done with peds, nothing new has come out in the longest time, so I'm just adding vehicles for now and working on my own menus using LemonUI. Cheers.

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