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Problem with motorcade mod

  • Hello, I'm trying to make a motorcade mod of 19 cars.. But some cars in the rear sometimes break away from the motorcade as if they have problem with the pathfinding although the front car is right in front of them.. But they would choose another route to follow.. Yes they are assigned the drive & follow entity task..

    I don't know if this is the problem with vehicleaihandling. meta / vehicles. meta/ path nodes.. Can someone help?

  • @Adam_Mithrandir AI is never consistent. What you could do instead of having all cars follow car1 is have car3 follow car 2 for example.

    Unfortunately, where it will all go to shit is when cars encounter other vehicles, peds, or any obstacles and having them follow at a prescribed distance only works well with constant speed and gradual braking. It can be funny at times. I had a motorcade scripted once when one of the cars was shot at randomly by a gang. The peds exited the car, engaged in a firefight, killed the gang, and resumed their scripted drive to.

  • Yes, I already assigned for Car2 to follow Car1 and Car3 to follow Car2 and so on... And I also disabled peds and traffic before starting task sequence

  • @Adam_Mithrandir hmm. Maybe try


    Makes a ped follow the targetVehicle with in between.

    note: minDistance is ignored if drivingstyle is avoiding traffic, but Rushed is fine.

    Mode: The mode defines the relative position to the targetVehicle. The ped will try to position its vehicle there.
    -1 = behind
    0 = ahead
    1 = left
    2 = right
    3 = back left
    4 = back right

    if the target is closer than noRoadsDistance, the driver will ignore pathing/roads and follow you directly.

    Driving Styles guide: gtaforums.com/topic/822314-guide-driving-styles/

  • @Adam_Mithrandir or have most of them follow car 1 but set the min distance separately for each one, do another group with car 6 for example and so on.

  • Brilliant!.. I will try this.. Thank you..

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