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How To Change Outfits?

  • I've done some modding in the form of vehicles and add-on peds but I can't figure out how am I supposed to use these clothes in-game.
    (or any of the hundreds of clothing items available on this site)
    I was referring to stuff like that. I've followed the instructions perfectly and replaced the files in the folder using OpenIV, but how do I get my character, say Trevor, to wear that Jersey?
    Please help, lmk if I need to install any trainer or software.
    I've already got Menyoo, ScripthookV and all the similar scripts and misc. software as I've modded a few cars and characters. I don't have Native Trainer because I've never found the need for it.

    Any help would be much appreciated! :trophy:
    Bear in mind that I'm new to the scene of modding.

  • Any trainer should work, the jersey you linked seems that It will only work for Franklin. Since you have menyoo go to Player options-Wardrobe-Torso | Use the arrow keys or numpad to scroll though the shirts and stop once you find the modded shirt(If the texture is vanilla you can switch it by going down once to texture and scroll until you find the modded one)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @hc57171 Okay cool, thanks!
    Just a quick question, does Native Trainer have any advantage over Menyoo?

  • I haven't messed around with Native trainer much, but I do prefer Menyoo.

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