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Verticies Overload

  • I am completely new to GTA5 modding but I attempted to do conversions in order to learn programs and get the hang of what I’d be needed to do when making my own mods.

    I have come across an issue while modding a dress for mpfemale which is 50800 verticies which automatically crashes my game when I try select it in game. This is on one singular model and has been rigged for both the torso and legs. It seems they just kept doubling - it was 20k at one point but I’m preparing to just restart.

    I use 3DS Max, Blender and ZModeler and used all of them in the process of making this dress.

    How can I reduce this amount of verticies, starting from the ydd file? Is it even possible? Can I save this mod without having to restart completely?

    In the future; In my process, is there better ways to go around it to avoid so many verticies?

    UPDATE: I went through the entire process from moving it from Blender, to zModeler to 3DS Max. The rigging process added no verts. It's when the specular map and the material is added, the verts absolutely fly up in 3DS Max 2017, however in 3DS Max 2012 it doesn't and 3DS Max 2012 works...?

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