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Installing cars

  • Hello, I don´t know, if I can ask this question here, but in LSPDFR they do not answer my questions. I hope, you can help me. I download police car from LSPDFR.com site and in this zip folder is stream folder with yft, ytd model files. Example vic.yft, vic, ytd. This car haven´t name by model. Example police.yft, .ytd. My question is, how can I install these car models for singleplayer game, if I haven´t police.yft, but vic.yft. Can I set these cars as for replace? Thank you for help.

  • Quick answer is probably although a replacement vehicle is a lot more than a model with textures. I suggest you search for a tutorial here to understand the files required whether you replace an existing vehicle or create an addon. For example you will need proper handling etc which you can take from vanilla models.



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